Warm and unique WONDERSHINE
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2021 is still troubled by the pandemic. It seems that the joy of travel, the taste of freedom and the feeling of utter relaxation are all stories of the past. Facing less spatial possibilities but growing uncertainties of plans, man searches for scales in time, and as a result the warmth and beauty that can be seen, touched and felt becomes more important.

To give life the power to be beautiful and healing, to comfort everyone who is troubled by the pandemic, WONDERSHINE, after more than one year’s preparation, officially launches on the last day of 2021. It is a new journey, for WONDERSHINE is not only a brand or product, but spreads warmth and goodwill through the carrier of watch.

In preparation, our team is very concerned about the consumption experience. We hope to deliver to users a better consumption and service experience, throughout all links, be it pre-sale or after-sales. For example, it is after we repeatedly revised it dozens of times that postcard finally presents itself to you. There are no short cuts, but we believe that all the efforts will be worth it.